English to French LegaL, ACADEMIC, CORPORATE aND HR Translations




In order to deliver high quality translations in very precise terminology, I only translate into my mother tongue (French) and exclusively in my specialist fields.

I carry out a constant legal watch in order to keep myself abreast of the latest legal developments.




I ensure the translation of your academic writings in the legal and political science fields, whether they are books, legal journals, Ph.D. theses, or dissertations.


Corporate and

HR Translation

I carry out the translation of your corporate documents (audit reports, brochures, internal documentation, websites, market studies...) and HR documents (employment contracts, rules of procedure, redundancy notices, confidentiality clauses, pay slips, CVs, cover letters...).


Mastering my mother tongue to perfection, I proofread all your documents written or translated into French.

I scrutinize the spelling, syntax, grammar and typography of all your writings.



Editing consists of completing the proofreading of a comparison with the source text (in this case the English text) in order to verify that the translation is accurate and of high quality.

Keyboard and Mouse

About Me

I am a legal expert who graduated in law as well as in legal translation. I carry out the translation, revision, proofreading of documents in the fields of law, human resources and business from English into French.


I have chosen to practice this profession out of a passion for languages, law and writing, while combining legal and terminological rigour, knowledge of comparative law and excellent writing skills


The methodology acquired during my professional career as a legal expert also allows me to avoid linguistic pitfalls and confusion, as legal terminology requires a high level of specialisation and understanding of the context, taking into account, in particular, the legal culture of each country.

Furthermore, I am proficient in Trados Studio 2019 (CI3M training), a CAT tool that allows me to perfect the quality of my translations and ensure their linguistic conformity.

Morgane Teissier

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Examples of texts that can be submitted to my expertise



-- Contracts (sales contract, employment contract, franchising agreement, license contract, publishing contract, deed of suretyship, insurance contract, commercial lease agreement, share purchase agreement...)

-- Patents

-- Articles of association or of incorporation

-- Memorandums of association

-- Members' agreement

-- Power of attorney

-- K-bis

-- Subpoenas

-- Pleadings

-- Deeds

-- Invitations to tender

-- Contract law

-- Corporate and business law

-- Industrial property (trademark and patent law)

-- Intellectual Property

-- Construction law

-- Real-estate law

-- Family law

-- Local government law

-- Arbitration

-- Civil procedure


-- Labor law

-- Public procurement law


The high quality of my work is an absolute imperative. I therefore only accept assignments for which I have all the relevant expertise.

Disponibility and ponctuality

As your single point of contact, I manage your projects from A to Z in the strictest respect of deadlines.

Aware of the urgent nature of certain projects I answer your questions and requests for quotes within a short period of time.


Your personal data, information and documents remain strictly confidential as specified in the privacy policy at the bottom of this page.


The CAT tool used (Trados Studio 2019) guarantees the strictest confidentiality in the processing of the documents to be translated.